Kittens Slay Dragons is the electronic project from Singer/Songwriter Sarah Donner that goes beep beep boop boop dance dance dance!

Last winter Sarah was struggling with depression and anxiety, and also with a seeming lack of momentum in her solo music career.  Then into her life came a very special and fragile foster kitten.  She was severely malnourished and came with a host of congenital problems like lung disease, heart disease, bone deformity, and eyelid agenesis (aka NO EYELIDS!). Expecting her to be blind, Sarah and her husband named her Melon.  Her life expectancy was extremely short, so they adopted her to be sure that the time she had left was the best of times.  Fast forward to a year later, Melon is bouncing around just fine with new eyelids (courtesy of her wonderful fans online who funded the surgery) and chicken flavored Viagra that keeps her blood flowing to all the important parts (her heart, people, her heart).  And she can see!  Sort of!

Melon shook Sarah up in the best of ways. The kitten fought her way through unimaginable illness and really gross eyeball surgery. She beat the odds like a champ and never even knew they were stacked so high against her.  And she taught Sarah that sometimes the best way to fight your own dragons is to help the small creatures that come into your life, welcoming them into your heart and your home.  With her creative batteries recharged, Sarah cast aside her trusty ukuleles and guitars and picked up a small stack of synths.  Her husband, always having wanted to be part of a “rad band” picked up a variety of drum machines and gadgets to add beeps to Sarah’s boops.  With a sound inspired by bands like Chvrches, Imogen Heap and Purity Ring, they write upbeat dancy songs about depression, cats, and nerdy fun stuff like video games and the cult hit TV show “Supernatural”.  

The debut album from Kittens Slay Dragons is called “Big Big Heart.”  It is named after the enlarged and deformed heart pumping inside the beautiful and strange cat Melon, who is probably right now chasing and chewing on the newest batch of foster kittens to pass through her home.